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Tuesday, 20 March 2012


I felt an exuberant upbeat,
With heavenly attires prest at my feet
Not long ago I was fragmented
Happiness was no longer my friend…
It left me…
For now lived an empty heart in an empty soul.
Strangely enough though…I felt,
As if some quest was beckoning me,
I went deep into the ocean of thoughts…
In vain, conjecturing the future.
But the future looked ominous, I must say,
With events so dreadful, hideous for the eyes
I say not because I thought so
But because it shook even the heavenly skies.
The milieu was no longer mellow, the skies glared,
Oh! What a sight that was... A sight pleading for mercy.
Quite a fusion it was… the moment,
I cannot quite simplify.
With thorns akin to my life’s darkest of ordeals,
Were lain out and they had gone into the horizon…

That endeavor was nothing like before,
My nightmare reveals.
I felt as if I lay in chains…
Bounded by my very own suspicion,
In sheer desperation, I let out a yell.
Suddenly the tide turned and my pain began to cease,
Not in jiffy though but rather peevishly,
As if, it did not want to go away.
Then I felt my pulse rate slowing…
I gave the nightmare second thoughts and let it merge…
Amidst my memories of disdain.


(C) sangbid kundu

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