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Thursday, 17 December 2009

What makes India run on corruption?

Man, since his dawn in the pages of history has looked forth to fulfill his desires and aspiration, which were of course, achieved through fair and unbiased means. However, as they say, “If gone are the times, gone are the talks.” Today this pursuit of achieving momentary happiness has presented itself in front of us in a rather obnoxious manner. This today has transformed into corruption.

Corruption, a term widely heard today- has become the catchphrase amidst the bureaucrats as well as school-going children. It is a phenomenon where the people seek to earn money at frenzied rapidity. No matter whatever the approach may be, the masses seem to have developed the astute mentality that to lead a zestful life, you have to be rich. This prejudiced thought process gives birth to corruption, where greed of the people overcomes their wisdom. Today if we compare India with other countries of the world, it appears to have become the happy land of the corrupt. Today corruption in India has become so prevalent that it is almost imperceptible to the common eye. From the pan-shops to the MPs and MLAs, corruption has become the religion and money, God.  Various factors make India run of corruption but the epicenter of them all are the citizens of India. The corrupt Indians can be divided into three categories: First comes the most corrupted lot, the political leaders, the ones whom we have indirectly chosen to make India into a corrupted nation. They misuse their overwhelming govt. power to generate illegal money or demand fiscal favour in return of their duties. The second category comprises of those people who offer money or material for a work to be done illegally so that they become the beneficiary rather than the loser. The third category of people is most dangerous; the so-called truthful crusaders- this consists of the journalists, authors and of course the common person. They are aware of the fact that corruption is omnipresent today in the Indian society but they refuse to accept the bitter truth that it is ruinous to the national economy. They make hue and cry lamenting about the present state of affairs but when they actually get a chance to indulge themselves in fraudulent malpractices, they clutch their opportunity. This self-centered attitude is the main driving force behind corruption in India. This is the precisely the reason why the rich are getting richer and the poor are becoming poorer.

Bribery is another motivating force for corruption. However, bribing does not involve only money. For the briber it is to get his work done quicker and for the taker, it is the resultant of the desire to pursue the luxurious lifestyle of the rich. This false intuition prompts one to take bribes. This is rightly reflected in the saying, “People are often bribed by their loyalties and ambitions rather than money.”
Today, even the whistle blowers are corrupted. They are bribed more money by the wrong doer than they receive from he government.

 The politicians are another story. They show off a two faced outlook. They make countless false promises to the commoners before election but once in power, the common people do not seem to exist for them. they govt. sanctions them money for the economic prosperity of their wards but half the amount seem to remain at their home. This way they generate a huge amount of black money. This is then spent to invoke insurgents or militants into politics and anti social activities are used to remain in power.
All these factors are a result of greed, selfishness and a mercenary attitude towards development, more vitally towards our nation. Corruption is like a plague which has affected every nook and cranny of our country. It would require a huge mass effort to evict corruption from our society. But before doing all this we must overcome our greed for money. This is the preliminary and the most difficult step to get out of the pothole that we have dug for ourselves. Other wise like our present fate would evolve into a monstrous self-depreciating future.


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Indrani DebRoy said...

The reasons are very true n real. Its time the commoners realize this thing n take things in their hands to change the scenario for a better nation.