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Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Something snaps; pulls me underneath,
With sheer gust and overwhelming strength,
I know I can resist, but I can’t fight!
His resolve remains unquestioned.
I am a frail, tethered leaf,
How shall I fight the multitudes?
How shall I seek my way?
Through this unnerving crescendo!
Never belittle life, they say.
We chose what we chose to be,
Yet I feel that fallacious drive,
To blame my alter-ego at futility!
Why can’t I give in?
To this suffocating paranoia!
I am not gasping for breath,
I am in dire need for.
Deep down my haunted past,
Something flickers…
I wish I was bold enough!
I wish I hadn’t dawdled;
At the expense of uncertainty!
The longings are no longer mine,
I didn’t know when I was sweetly strangled,
I don’t know, why a day fades away,
Moments came and moments went,
I wish I could turn away…


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